Radius Windshields & Sound Equipment

Designing the next generation of professional sound equipment! The fastest-growing audio equipment brand trusted by sound professionals.

Fujifilm Hybrid & Table

The Best wide format digital printer, the perfect blend of user-centred design, high-quality ink & ink head technology & stunning aesthetics.

Fujifilm GUI Analytics Dashboard

How Product Design has Improved ROI, productivity, and product optimization's through a comprehensive and user-friendly analysis system.

AB Power

Delivering sustainable energy supporting the UK's 38.6%+ renewable energy supply for a better future.

Fujifilm Prime

50+ printers sold in its first 6 months, making it the best-selling industrial flatbed printer in the world.
SRT VMS-100 AIS Trawler device mounted to trawler to reduce over-fishing

VMS-100 | SRT

Designing & delivering 5,000 units for the Philippines’ largest fishing vessels, & thousands more. To protect our oceans!

Fujifilm GUI Interface

Delivering Customer Loyalty, Machine Management, and more for Fujifilm.

Airhead Pollution Mask

6000+ units sold, delivering 98% filtration protection for active commuters.

Fujifilm Acuity Ultra R2

Ground up redesign of Fujifilm's flagship Wide-Format Industrial Digital Printer


Supporting to deliver;
20X - Faster alignment,
10X - Increase in accuracy,
100% - Confidence in 24/7 monitoring.
Concept electric aircraft

Electric Aviation Group

Design to secure investment for sustainable air travel!

Hot Chocolate Shaker

The World’s first Hot Chocolate Shaker
AIS Class B transceiver | Marine product design by Realise

Em-trak | AIS Class B Transceiver

The next generation range of AIS Class B Transceivers
Remote operated camera design

ROC 2X – The professional camerahead with style

Disrupting the TV broadcasting industry with elegant functional design.
Man with mud on face and Hedkayse Helmet Sports Product Design Cycling Helmet

The World’s Toughest Cycle Helmet

Folding multi-impact helmet designed for the commuter

Close Air Solutions

Designing a Technology Demonstrator For Delivering Mixed Reality Simulation
Engineering of a 30m Camera Mast

Royal Wedding Camera Mast

A remote operated camera mast for used at the Royal Wedding, F1 and the Grand National

ABB | Micro-controller Enclosure Design

Technical Enclosure Design For A UK Household Brand

NHS | Modular Healthcare Furniture Cabinet

Reducing NHS costs and the risk for infection

Premium Headphone Design

High quality audio aesthetics
Opening a door using TDsi new aesthetic product design

Aesthetic Door Entry System

Rejuvenating door-entry technology with a new aesthetic

Social Housing Smart Thermostat

Market Specific Thermostat Design
Gartenzwerg Product Design studio shot

Smart Home Garden

App based IOT gardens for the millennial gardener
Green Warehouse Sustainable Product Recycling Bins in an office

Post-Consumer Plastic Recycling Bins

Using recycled material to recycle office waste