IOT smart garden for the millennial gardener

  Design For Manufacture   
  User Centred Design   
   Thermal Modelling   

Sector: Industrial Design

The Design Challenge

Re-design a smart hydroponic garden that enables the user to grow plants automatically and efficiently. Gartenzwerg asked us to focus on packaging their high-tech functionality into a rustic, user-friendly design.

We were tasked with redesigning two similar but separate variants of the garden – so modularity was considered throughout the entire design process.

Our Design Solutions

To meet cost targets the design also had to be lightweight and flat pack-able; yet simple to assemble with minimal tools.

An elegant method of altering the height of the LED lights was also required; along with integrating various sensors monitoring temperature, humidity, light, PH and the water level

The Delivery

A modular system allowing for bespoke configuration that is both high tech and user friendly for any small space.